Discover guests’ favourite search filters on

We dug into our stats to find last year’s top search trends on Find out the search filters that guests used most in 2017. Read more

6 tips for welcoming guests from every culture

How can you make every guest feel right at home, no matter where they come from? We share a few easy cultural awareness tips, as well as some advice and ideas from fellow partners. Read more

Interview: How does support partners in a crisis?

From political unrest to social engineering scams, ‘force majeure’ situations are often emergencies that can’t be predicted. We spoke to our crisis experts, Inge Groot and Marlon Guimaraes, about what can be done to support partners in difficult circumstances. Read more

Community voice: 5 time-saving ironing hacks

How do you get crisp, crease-free bed sheets in the shortest time possible? Seasoned experts share their secrets… Read more

How to fully benefit from Partner Events

Our partner events provide you with a great opportunity to connect with fellow partners and your local team. It’s where we share industry updates and commercial insights that help partners improve their business. Account Manager Oliver Beard shares his top tips on getting the most out of partner events. Read more

7 tips for naming your property

Naming your property may seem straightforward enough, but there are a few things you should consider to make sure you both catch the eye of bookers and manage their expectations. Emily from our UK and Ireland Content Team shares some handy tips. Read more

4 tips to boost bookings in April and beyond

Our Account Manager, Joel, realised that many partners were reporting a slower April than last year. In this article, he shares his thoughts on why – and gives his top tips for bouncing back after an early Easter. Read more

How Dynamic Ranking uses data to match guests with your property

Personalisation matters. With so much information online, we need to help customers make the right choice – and help you attract the right kind of guest. Our adaptable ranking system uses dynamic data to achieve just that. Read more

Are you the next #BookingHero?

Last year, travellers around the world nominated their #BookingHero – a partner who went above and beyond to make their trip unforgettable. See this year’s Booking Heroes and find out how you could be next. Read more

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